Edge of Ember, Where Sustainability meets Ethical Jewellery Designing 

What is sustainable and ethical jewellery designing and what makes this jewellery different from the usual fine jewellery in the market? What makes the Edge of Ember( Shop Edge of Ember Women's Fashion Jewellery  ) Special from the other top-tier jewellery makers in the world is that the vision and the mission of these jewellery designers are rested upon the discovering the hidden talents and customary designing techniques of the farthest corners in the world. The artisans of this contemporary accessory designer are endorsed to stand on their own and move forward with the mission of these perennial muses of sustainable and ethical business.

As top-tier jewellery designers, Edge of Ember, offers a range of jewellery that you will adore wearing every day for any special or effortless style! The sustainable process of designing jewellery does not involve mass production or unfair payment for the humble artisans of the local communities. Visualize in the heart of London, the techniques and designs are dispersed across the modest enclaves of the world to be produced by small artisan businesses.

The assemblage of jewellery that you would hold and wear dearly includes rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. These spurs of sheer originality and imagination will grace you with the feminine elegance that every street, bohemian and vintage style that could be anyone's go-to-style that is anything but neutral. 

These graceful and refined jewellery are fashioned in a way that a persona that admires elegance and simplicity, and a persona that is adventurous and daring with a dazzling shade, can both enjoy wearing and adorning themselves with them. Needless to say Edge of Ember Jewellery has perfected their philosophy in conducting business and the artistry in designing the products that they produced.

the Chevron Arrows Statement Ring with separated dual rings of rose-gold plated sterling silver, are bridged with the micro curb chains that blends intricate artwork with innovative design techniques, The Myla Arrows King, the radiant openwork stacked ring that reflects the sleek elegance and the Kiri Studs Ring an openwork ring that is the ideal blend of causal and fierce iconic contemporary design Edge of Ember admires.

The Crescent Pearl Earrings that embellish you with a sculptural twist on a 18K gold plated classic sleek tab with pave freshwater pearls will bring you a hint of sophistication and poise a woman of eloquent fashion sense would love be enthralled with.  

The bracelets and the necklaces of Edge of Ember are the perennial faculties of success in garnishing your womanly grace. The Trio Lapis and Marble Collar that is effortlessly chic is handcrafted with gradient 18K gold-plated brass and Lapis Lazuli and marble Resin inlays. The specialists of jewellery designing let you compliment this sleek collar necklace with lop-sided tiles of Lapis Lazuli and Marbled Resin embedded on an 18k gold-plated bar bracelet.

What inspires and leads Edge of Ember through the mission and their vision of sustainable and ethical manufacturing of products is the satisfaction that derives from helping a modest artist from a unfounded corner of the world, on his/her feet.